Alaska Party Ideas and Menu Decorating

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Use an Alaskan paper backdrop to instantly bring Alaska to the party.

Alaska has dramatic scenery and unique wildlife that are perfect inspiration for party themes. With a little imagination, you could make your guests feel like they are in Alaska by incorporating Alaskan icons in the room decor, outfits and food. Some items you can feature include mountains, pine trees, deers, bears, eagles and totem poles.

Room Decoration

On the wall, paste paper backgrounds that represent the Alaskan scenery such as a rocky coastline with pine trees or snow-capped mountains with blue sky and white clouds. You can also hang a fake moose head above the fireplace, create fake icicles from white paper and hang a banner at the entrance saying "ski lodge." Use white streamers, balloons and tablecloths to decorate the walls and ceiling. Also cut out paper snowflakes to paste on the wall and scatter on the table.

Dress Code

Alaska has rich wildlife, and you can use it as a dress code. Guests could wear grizzly bear costumes, polar bear costumes and fake deer antlers. A subtler dress code could be white to represent the glaciers of Alaska. Send out the invitation weeks before the party to allow guests enough time to prepare. You can get Alaskan-themed invitations that feature mountains, eagles, salmon and other Alaskan icons.

Serve seafood such as salmon or crab for the main fare.

For dessert, consider preparing baked Alaska, which was so named to honor the then newly acquired territory. Baked Alaska is ice cream on sponge cake, covered with meringue and heated for a short while just to brown the meringue. The result is a sweet dessert that is hot outside but cold inside.