Kitty Party Games for Women

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Kitty parties gather a group of women together for food and games. There need not be a special occasion for the party -- kitty parties are intended just to give women time to socialize and get away from other commitments. Games give the guests at kitty parties something to do and help the women learn more about each other. They often produce lots of laughter.

Can't Say Cookie is a game suggested by the Robin's Christmas Cookie Exchange website. The original version of the game uses necklaces made from candy canes and ribbon. Each guest gets a necklace when she arrives. They cannot say "cookie" for the rest of the party. If one guest catches another guest saying "cookie," the offending guest must surrender her necklace to the guest who caught the mistake. The person with the most necklaces at the end wins. Women can adapt this game for a kitty party at any time of year by using candy necklaces, flower leis or even candy ring pops. Switching out the word "cookie" for the names of husbands, boyfriends or partners is another adaptation that presents a challenge.

Handbag Bingo

Handbag Bingo is just like regular bingo, except the spaces on the bingo cards are filled with items in women's purses. As described on the Diva Girl Parties and Stuff website, the hostess of the party makes blank bingo cards for everyone. The guests take out items from their purses and fill in the bingo cards with the names of those items. They also write the names of the items on slips of paper. The hostess then puts all the paper slips in a hat or bowl and draws from them until one of the women has a bingo.

Baby Pictures

In Baby Pictures, each woman brings a picture of herself as a baby to the kitty party. The hostess collects the pictures and attaches them to a board along with a number. The hostess then hands out a sheet of paper to each guest. The guests write who she thinks is in each picture. The person with the highest number of correct guesses wins. This game works well when the women haven't grown up with each other or if the women are older. If it is too easy to guess which person is which, the hostess can use a variation in which the guests tell the hostess something about themselves, such as their hometown or favorite flavor of ice cream. The hostess then posts the guests' facts instead of the pictures.