Fire Pit Screen Ideas

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Protect guests from sparks and high flames with a fire pit screen.

Outdoor fire pits serve the instinctual drive people have to gather around a fire. Use a fire pit screen to prevent stray sparks from harming your grass, lawn or guests. Select one made of high quality, noncombustible metal. Many cities have specific fire pit screen requirements. Comply with your city's ordinances as you originate ideas for your backyard fire pit.


Mesh Grill

Fire-resistant metal meshed coverings keep fire pit sparks from rising. Some fire pit screens are made for cooking items such as skews of fresh vegetables and chicken. Flat fire pit grill screens are ideal for families who enjoy cooking outdoors before an otherwise open fire. The fire pit's flames will scorch marshmallows while protecting everyone from unexpected sparks.


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Dome Cover

Dome-shaped screens add geometric style to backyard fire pits. Makers customize this style of screen to fit a wide variety of round masonry fire pits. Dome-shaped screens are best for those who place an emphasis on style and fire pit spark protection rather than cooking. However, models with doors to access a fire pit grill do exist.


Sculpted Metal

Spark arresting doesn't have to be boring. When style is key, choose a fire pit screen that features metal work or mission-style architectural shapes. Fire pit screens of this variety include protective mesh but offer an enchantingly artistic interplay with the fire the screen covers. Features such as copper smoke flutes, intricate cutouts and sculpted metal areas add ambiance to fire pits.



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