Games to Play at a Spa Party

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Make sure to include mud masks at any spa party.

At-home spa parties are fun-filled and relaxing, and give female guests a chance to pamper themselves. These parties usually consist of beauty treatments, facials, manicures and pedicures. Play spa party games to loosen the crowd and allow guests to make new friends. Award bath and beauty products to the winners.


Mud Mask Challenge

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Divide the guests up into teams of two. Mix different-colored mud masks and arrange them on a table. One person from each team uses the colored masks to decorate her partner's face. The team that has the most creative face mud mask wins a prize. Allow the host to be the judge of the contest.

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Sleeping Masks

Purchase several satin sleeping masks from your local retail store. Make sure to have one for each guest to decorate. Let the guests decorate their masks with glitter, beads, feathers and other craft items. Award prizes to the guests who come up with the most creative masks.


Spa Products Trade-Off

On the spa invitations, tell each guest to bring all her unwanted spa products, such as lotions, masks and nail polishes. Have each guest introduce herself and name the products she brought to trade. After each girl has introduced herself and explained her products, allow the guests to mingle and trade products. This is an inexpensive way to get new spa products.


Pin the Mud Mask on the Woman

Play this game like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Draw a woman on a large poster board, then use another poster to cut out printed or drawn mud masks. Make sure the mud masks are the correct size to fit on the poster woman's face. Write each player's name on the mud masks and put two-sided tape on one side. Blindfold each player and spin her three times. Tell her to try to place the mud mask directly on the woman's face. The player who places the mud mask closest to the woman's face wins the game.


Make Your Own Bath Salts

Purchase Epsom salt at a pharmacy or retail store. Find soap dyes, soap fragrance drops and plastic clear tubes at your local craft store. Make sure to have plastic baggies and labels available. Fill each guest's baggie half full with Epsom salt. Let them add their own colors and dyes to the bag, and mix the bags up. Pour the bath salt into the plastic tubes and create a label. Give a prize for the most creative bath salts and allow each guest to take their own salts home as a party favor.



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