Birthday Party Games for a 13-Year-Old Girl

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Give the 13-year-old birthday girl a party she won't forget with the right games.

Planning a young teenage girl's birthday party can take a lot of work. Aside from the food and decorations, coming up with activities throughout the party may seem a daunting task, as the 13-year-old's tastes have likely changed along with her age. However, you can choose from many games sure to keep the birthday girl and her guests entertained.


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Crumpled Up

Start the party with this icebreaker game from the ESL Teacher's Board website. Begin by having the players sit in a circle. Give each of the players a piece of paper and a writing utensil. Tell them all to write on their papers something about themselves that no one else at the party knows. Then, have all the players crumple up their papers and throw them into the center of the circle. Everyone then takes a crumpled up note and reads it to themselves. They then try to figure out who wrote the note based on their memories alone. Once everyone has had time to think, go through the whole circle having the players read their notes and then guessing the person who wrote it. Play as many rounds of this as you like.


Girlie Ball

Prepare for this game from the website Birthday Party Ideas by first obtaining a big beach ball. Using a permanent marker, write down several questions the players would want to know about their fellow party guests. Examples include "What's your favorite movie?" and "Do you have a crush on someone?" Once you have covered the ball with legible questions, have everyone sit in a circle. Hand the ball to one of the players. She throws it to anyone she chooses in the circle. The recipient catches the ball and answers the question written beneath her left thumb. After she finishes answering the question, she throws the ball to another player in the circle. The game continues until the players have answered all the questions.



Combining both dress up and picture-memory games, play this birthday game from the website Party 411 with your teenage guests. Begin by dividing the players into two equally numbered teams. Have the first team leave the room to pick out and put on amongst themselves 10 clothing items and accessories from a pile in another room. The first team comes back to the room to show the second team their new looks, staying there for about a minute. The first team then leaves the room again and rearranges the 10 clothing items among themselves. Once they come back, the second team has to figure out the clothing items the first team switched. Record how many items the second team guessed correctly. Then, give the second team their turn. The team with the most correct guesses wins the game.