Fun Party Games for 16-Year-Olds

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Sixteen is a tough age. Teen-agers are caught between two stages of life. They are no longer children, but are not yet a full-fledged adults. This confusion can manifest itself in activities as simple party games, in which guests are too old for pin the tail on the donkey, but too young for adult games of a more risque nature. Fortunately, there are still a slew of fun activities that these fast-growing teen-agers can enjoy.


Suck and Blow

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Suck and blow is a game that is perfect for a co-ed party. More flirty than overtly sexual, suck and blow is also low cost, requiring only a single playing card. Players stand in a circle, alternating genders--boy, girl, boy, etc...--and try to pass a the playing card around the circle without using their hands. The first person places the card to his lips and inhales, affixing the card. He then moves his lips to those of the next person, who inhales as the first person releases. With skill, the card is transferred to the next person and is then passed around the circle; otherwise, the card falls to the ground and the two parties accidentally kiss.

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Name That Tune

Name that tune is a timeless game that is fun for all age groups. The rules are simple. Participants hear a snippet of a song and try to be the first to cite the artist. Whoever guesses correctly first wins the game. The first contestant to reach a certain score or the player with the most points at the end of a set period of time wins. The game can be set up in several ways. Participants can either make a play list of songs on their computer beforehand and set their program to random or they can flip through preset radio stations.


Spin the Bottle

Another classic of adolescence, spin the bottle remains fun well into one's teen-age years (and, in proper settings, adulthood.) Players sit in a circle and take turns spinning a bottle placed in the middle of the circle. The spinner must kiss whomever the bottle lands on, without argument. The bottle must, however, complete one full rotation. The game is generally played until all players have been kissed.



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