Fun Birthday Party Games for 10 Year Olds

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Birthday party games allow guests to stay entertained.

Your child's birthday party should be a memorable one. From the cake to the gifts, every child has memories from his birthday party every year. Have party games planned to get each guest involved in the party and to help unfamiliar faces get to know one another. A 10-year-old child enjoys party games played both indoors and outdoors.


The Bag Game

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Fill paper sacks full of items such as hats, shoes, party favors and clothes. Divide guests up into even groups and give each group a paper sack. Tell them not to open the sack until the game starts. Have each team pick a room or spot outside to get away from the other teams. When the host yells, "Go!" each team has 15 minutes to put together a skit using only the items in the paper sack. To make the game different, let each team add music or a tribute to the birthday guest of honor. After 15 minutes, let each team perform and the adults can decide the best team.

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Cotton Ball Challenge

You will need petroleum jelly, cotton balls and small bowls. All players must get in a circle and sit on their knees. Rub Vaseline on the end of each player's nose. Put an empty bowl in front of each player, along with a pile of cotton balls. On "Go!" each player must use his nose to try to pick up a cotton ball and put it is his bowl. The players cannot use their hands. The player who has the most cotton balls in her bowl at the end of two minutes wins the game.


Auction Fun Game

Have each guest bring a small, inexpensive gift (a white elephant gift is perfect, which is a gift in good shape that the guest does not want anymore). Make sure the gift is in a paper sack so no one knows what it is. Place all the gifts on a table and give each guest who brought a gift $20 in play money. Start the auction by holding up the first gift. Auction it starting at $1 and keep going until it is sold. That player will open the gift, and then move on to the next gift until all the gifts are auctioned. At the end of the game, party guests can use their leftover play money to buy gifts from other people. If guests still have money after the auction, allow them to use it to buy the first piece of cake or play the first song.



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