Church Christmas Games & Ideas

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There are many Christmas game ideas.

Besides home, there's no better place to spend Christmas than your church, and it doesn't all have to be about spending time in the sanctuary. Christmas activities at church can be a lot of fun, making the holiday even more special for participants while fostering a sense of community. To make these activities enjoyable for everyone, you will need to do some planning ahead of time.


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Church Christmas Activities for Families

Church Christmas activities are a perfect way to teach families the real meaning of the holiday, providing an alternative to buying and receiving gifts and going to parties. One idea is to help decorate the church for the holiday ahead of time. Volunteers can join in to help with the decorations and contribute food for a potluck lunch or dinner afterward.

You can also look online for a fun nativity craft or for Christmas cookie recipes and make either the focus of a family night at church. The person in charge can designate each family to bring some supplies for the event. It's also nice to make a lot of extra cookies that you can later donate to a local food pantry or soup kitchen.


There are some exciting children's church Christmas games that can be played at church, starting with the candy cane relay race game. This one is easy. Split up the kids into two teams, giving each five candy canes. On the signal, team members pass their canes to the end of their line and then back up to the front. Other good ones include "name that Christmas carol" and a tree ornament relay.

Church Christmas Games for Adult Players

Children aren't the only ones who like games. One great idea is a Christmas icebreaker. Before everyone arrives, take sheets of paper and write down Christmas characters, songs or items and tape one to everyone's back. Pair up people who don't know one another and have one provide hints while the other makes guesses.


For a gift-wrapping game, supply the participants with wrapping paper and other supplies and have them wrap up someone else. To make it even funnier, ask people to bring recycled wrapping paper from previous Christmas holidays.

The Christmas candy pass is also a great Christmas food game. You can find directions online, and all you need are a bowl of Christmas candy and a list of questions. Players answer questions and pass the candy in different directions. When the time is up, the person left holding the candy wins.


Church Christmas Games for Older Players

Don't forget about the older members of your church and community during the holidays. To turn this into a church activity, volunteers can gather together to cook holiday dinners and transport them to recipients.

Children can make handmade holiday cards and include a piece of candy in each. Other much-appreciated gifts for seniors include restaurant coupons, books, puzzles, personal care items, fuzzy socks, knitted scarves and blankets and anything heartfelt and homemade.


Best of all can be the gift of time. If possible, arrange for a time when parishioners of all ages can gather together to socialize, have snacks, play games and generally enjoy the magic of the season. This can go a long way toward enhancing a sense of community for the year to come.


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