Crafts Using DVD Cases

According to the CD Recycling Center of America, all components of Digital Video Disc (DVD) packaging are recyclable, from the discs themselves to the plastic or paper packaging. If not recycled, the cases can also be reused and transformed into creative arts and crafts projects. With a little imagination, both kids and adults can find creative uses for them.

Supervise young children during craft time, especially when using scissors or hot glue.

Hand Puppet

Using other kid-friendly materials such as felt, packing peanuts and old fabric, an old DVD case can be crafted into a hand puppet for use in puppet shows. This requires a DVD case with a plastic film cover for the puppeteer to put his hands in. The front of the DVD is given facial features and the inside is decorated to look like the creature's mouth.

This project, sourced from the Volusia County Library, is suitable for children ages 5 and up and is in line with the Volusia Country Government's recycling program, which maintains recycling education programs in community centers. Young children will find this craft both easy and entertaining.

Miniature Tent or Doll House Roof

Use an old DVD case as a lean-to or tent for small toys and action figures. Craft site offers a practical, step-by-step guide on how to transform a used DVD case, some popsicle sticks and a bit of glue into a small tent. The task is easy enough for young children, although supervision is needed in handling the hot glue required for the project. The end result is a quaint little tent that can be placed in a small action figure setting. With a little bit of paint, the tent could also be used as a roof for the top of a miniature cabin or house.

Earring Holder

Adults can find creative uses for used DVD cases too, and this innovative earring holder is one of them. This craft idea from involves fixing a sheet of cork on to one of the inner sides of the used DVD case. Earrings can then be pinned onto the cork so that they stay in place when the case is closed. The outside may be decorated using colorful fabric inserted into the plastic overlay on the DVD case.

All-Purpose Mini Book

Another craft sourced from, this project makes use of an old DVD case as a small photo album, notebook or a mini scrapbook. It can be affixed with blank pages or plastic pockets to hold printed photos. The plastic overlay can be inserted with decals and other decorative items to make it more personal to the owner.