Other Uses for Roof Tiles

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Roofing tiles can be used in gardening.

Roof tiles have more uses than simply protecting the roof of a house from weather damage. Whether new or old, roof tiles can also be converted into great garden tools that improve the appearance and quality of any garden. Using roof tiles for a new purpose saves them from being wasted, and can greatly enhance the appearance of landscaping.



Roof tiles make a great reflective mulch for some garden plants. Their reflective properties, in addition to the way they drain water, make them excellent mulch for heat-tolerant plants. Growing plants from drier climates can be a challenge in wetter areas, but roof tiles, especially terracotta tiles, make a simple, inexpensive mulch. Using these tiles will drain water away from the plant, keeping it drier, and their color is an attractive counterpoint to garden greens.


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Raised Beds

Roofing tiles can be used to make raised garden beds. Burying the tiles vertically in the soil so that they stand up firmly creates an attractive homemade raised garden bed. Fill the bed with soil and plant flowers or garden plants in it. The raised bed will drain water easily, and plants will grow well in these flower beds. Roof tiles also make great edging, because they are both efficient and attractive in any garden.


Decorating a Wall

Concrete garden walls are unattractive, and it can be difficult to hide them behind garden plants. Use old terracotta roof tiles or ceramic tiles to create a unique and attractive garden wall. Even broken roof tiles can be used to decorate a wall. Place the tiles into mortar and fill in the remaining cracks with grout. Once the tiles dry into place, they will create a beautiful and unique addition to a garden wall.


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