The Uses of Epoxy Glue

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Epoxy glue can be used to repair damage in many household items.

Epoxy glue is made of two parts: a resin and a hardener. When the two are mixed together, the chemical reaction creates a strong adhesive bond. Epoxy glue is sensitive to temperature and can take as little as five minutes or as long as an hour to set. According to the Natural Handyman website, epoxy glue are not recommended for fabrics or flexible plastics because it will harden the material.


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Wood and Metal Filler

Because epoxy is very hard and waterproof once dried, it can be used as a filler for wood or metal objects. The epoxy can be spread in a crack, and it will harden, filling the crack. It is often used as a filler on plumbing jobs. However, be sure to buy epoxy glue specific to the type of metal you are trying to repair. Metal epoxy fillers are mixed with different metallic elements depending on the object being repaired.


The Natural Handyman also suggests that epoxy glue is useful as a filler to repair rotten wood instead of having to replace the wood. Epoxy glue is useful on wood surfaces that are frequently wet, such as a bar or boat deck, since epoxy glue is waterproof, hard and clear once dry.

Fiberglass Repair

Epoxy glue can be used to repair fiberglass. Although it is not recommended for the outside of a boat, it can be used on the hull of a boat. It can also be used to repair damage on a passenger car or an animal trailer.


Reinforce Bolts

Epoxy can be used to reinforce bolts in a cement floor. This is particularly useful when heavy vibrating machinery is being used, which can easily loosen bolts. The epoxy will adhere to both the metal bolt and the cement, creating a strong hold.


Jewelry Making

Because epoxy glue can be used on such a wide variety of surfaces, and it successfully bonds different types of surfaces to each other, it is useful in jewelry making. Fast-drying epoxy glues can dry in as little as five minutes. Epoxy glue also won't create the stringy mess that hot glue leaves.


Window Repair

Epoxy glue gels can be used to fill in and repair chips in glass windows. Although it is not safe to use on a cracked car window, it can be used on a chipped car window or a cracked home window.


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