The Best Japanese Maples to Grow in Dallas, Texas

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A number of Japanese maple cultivars do well in Dallas, Texas.

Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) is a native tree of Korea, China and Japan and was introduced in the United States and England in the 1800s. Most Japanese maple varieties grow to a mature height of 15 to 25 feet and are commonly used a specimen or accent trees in the landscapes for their attractive purple-red to red foliage color. Japanese maples have optimal growing conditions in Dallas with their tolerance for alkaline soil, strong winds and drought. A number of Japanese maple cultivars thrive in the Dallas area.


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Crimson Queen

Crimson Queen is recommended as one of the best Japanese maples for Texas by Keith Johansson, the owner of Metro Maples in the Dallas Forth-Worth Area. Crimson queen is favored for its lace-like red foliage of fine cut leaves. The delicate branches have a cascading growth habit. The tree grows to a mature height of up to 8 feet with a 10 feet spread and develops an umbrella-shaped canopy.

Shin Deshojo

Metro Maples recommends Shin Deshojo as among the best Japanese maples for the Dallas, Texas area. The tree has small-sized, bright-red foliage, which resembles flowers from a distance. Shin Deshojo is a semi-dwarf variety that grows to a mature height of about 8 feet. It is also a popular cultivar for pruning into a bonsai or smaller tree suited to the patio. The new tree foliage is blue-green which eventually matures to a bright red with a yellow to red fall color.



Bloodgood is among the most popular Japanese maple varieties for Dallas and is also recommended as a good variety by Keith Johansson of Metro Maples. The tree has red, palm shaped foliage that changes to a purple-red hue during late spring. Bloodgood is fast growing, often growing nearly 2 feet in a year. The tree grows to a mature height of 20 feet with an equal spread. Bloodgood is well tolerant of full sun and the foliage often changes color to a bronze-green during the summer months.