Horse Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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Horse scavenger hunts can turn an average mounted ride into something completely unique. Scavenger hunts allow participants to engage in the scenery around them, as well as using their intellects to decipher clues. Horse scavenger hunts put riders on the same level, as beginners can find clues just as quickly as more experienced riders.



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Using a camera to document the scavenger hunt is a great way be sure participants have honestly found the hunted items and places, but also a way to re-live the memories of the scavenger hunt. To create a horse scavenger hunt using cameras, give each participant (or group of participants) a list of things they must find, or experiences they must recreate. With a camera, participants don't have to bring back things from the earth and can leave them be. A camera scavenger hunt is a good choice if you want the participants to engage in the natural world in an unobtrusive way. The list can include photographing a particular type of bird, animal, flora, fauna, cloud, river or stream, or a group engaging in a particular activity. The group or individual who crosses the most off their list in the quickest time wins.

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Collecting Items

A scavenger hunt of collecting items can be time intensive to create, but allows for interactive fun for everyone involved. To create a scavenger hunt of collecting items, you must first decide which items the participants must find. You can ask the participants to collect things from the natural world, such as rocks, sticks, or a type of flower or plant Another option is hiding items along the trail, such as gifts, toys, and crafts. The participant or group to return with the most items at the end of the scavenger hunt wins.



Using clues to propel the horse scavenger hunt takes a lot of thought beforehand to ensure that it is successful. Clues are created to lead the participants to the next clue or prize. The clues can be riddles that must be solved and are a great idea for groups because it encourages team participation to decipher the clues. Clues can be hidden creatively along the trail, hung from the branches of trees, under rocks and other places in the natural world. With a horse scavenger hunt along a trail, be sure to exercise caution when hiding any food. You may find that a little critter has run off with one of your clues or prizes.



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