Bird Seed Crafts for Kids

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Birdseed crafts are inexpensive.

Birdseed crafts offer inexpensive and rewarding projects for you and your children to work on together. The results of birdseed crafts can be used as outside decorations that make edible treats for the wild birds around your neighborhood. It is also exciting for children to watch the birds eat and enjoy the things they have crafted.


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Winter Bird Food Cakes

This craft teaches children how to feed hungry birds in the winter by crafting birdseed cakes. Make the cakes from a mixture of shortening and birdseed with a 2-to-1 ratio of birdseed to shortening. Place the mixture in empty yogurt cups and store in the refrigerator overnight, allowing it to harden into cakes. String the finished cakes up in the trees outside for the birds to enjoy.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Instruct the children to search for a nice big pine cone. Clean the pine cone well. Mix ½ cup vegetable shortening with ½ cup cooked oatmeal. Coat the outside of the pine cone with the mixture. If you prefer, you can use peanut butter instead of the shortening mixture. Roll the sticky pine cone in bird seed. String it up in a tree to watch the birds feast on their meal.


Birdseed Garden

A birdseed garden is a simple craft that also teaches children the responsibility of caring for living plants. Place a damp sponge on a plate and sprinkle birdseed over it. Eventually, the seeds take root and begin to grow. The birdseed garden will thrive for as long as the children put water in the plate.

Easy Bird Feeder

This easy bird feeder can be crafted from an empty paper towel roll. Spread honey on the outside of the cardboard roll. Roll the coated cardboard in birdseed. Run a brightly colored string through the center of the roll and hang from the trees to give the birds a treat.


Bird Seed Wreath

This craft makes a lovely outdoor wreath that the wild birds can eat. Mix a packet of gelatin with bird seed and allow the mixture to cool. Cut a circular cardboard wreath to serve as a foundation. Mold the sticky gelatin mixture onto the cardboard. Use wire to hold the gelatin to the cardboard if needed. Attach a colorful bow or other decorations as desired and hang outside to watch the birds enjoy.