The Best Lights for Growing Cactus Plants Indoors

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Cactus can be grown indoors.

Cactus needs ideal light conditions to grow and thrive. These conditions typically include sun exposure during part of the day, and then shade for the rest of the day. However, if you are growing a cactus indoors and do not have direct sunlight in which to place them, lights are the next best option. There are several types of grow lights and each offers substitute lighting for your cactus.


Fluorescent Growing Lights

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The fluorescent light is one of the best for growing cactus for a number of reasons. It produces a decent quantity of light for the plant for, and it is less expensive than a incandescent bulb. This is because the light comes from gases ignited inside of a vacuum tube, and that requires less energy.

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These lights are installed in a growing box or in your home. The cactus is placed underneath them and the lights turned on for a period of time offering easy control over the amount of light your cactus receives. In addition, there are several types of fluorescent lights including the standard T12 series ideal for a cactus. In addition, the compact fluorescent grow lights are an excellent choice for cacti. This is a small, system that produces a focused amount of light using one bulb.


Spot Grow Bulbs

Another option is the spot grow bulb. This is a better option for adding additional light to your plant on an inconsistent basis. When the plant just needs a few hours more light, this is the way to go. This light is easy to install, it often comes with a clip, bracket or spring clamp to latch onto any surface.


A spot grow bulb is also used for long term lighting however it is expensive to use. There are several types of spot grow bulbs including the Argo Sun and mercury vapor series. Each works well for not only cactus but tropical plants.

T5 Fluorescent Tubes

Another option for more lighting is the T5 series fluorescent bulbs. These are high-output tubes that produce more light. They are available in complete growing systems with several fluorescent tubes. This system is ideal if you are growing more than one cacti because they cover more surface area. The light tubes are long and horizontal, so direct light falls over a larger area. The higher intensity system will produce enough light to grow cacti in conditions representative of their natural habitat.



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