Easter Basket Ideas for Older Kids

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If your pre-teen child lacks excitement for the Easter holiday, perk up his enthusiasm with a creative Easter basket. By catering to his age group and personal interests, you're sure to get a positive response. Leave the jelly bean-filled plastic eggs and rubber dinosaurs for the youngsters, and focus on small meaningful gifts that celebrate your child's personality and the Easter holiday.


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The Basket

Present older kids with a functional Easter basket. Forgo the traditional wicker Easter basket and choose a container to be reused all year long. A plastic make-up storage tote, new purse or cloth book bag is perfect for a pre-teen girl. For a boy, try making a small fishing tackle box, themed lunch box or laptop computer carrying case into an Easter basket. These containers can easily be filled with smaller gifts and left open to expose the goodies inside.

Gift Ideas

Both young boys and girls like fun, novelty T-shirts. Choose shirts with a funny phrase, the logo of a favorite sports team, a picture of a music group or the logo of a popular brand. Alternately, stuff the Easter basket with movie theater-sized boxes of the child's favorite candy and pre-purchased tickets for an upcoming movie she has been asking to attend.


For older children who love to read, stuff the Easter basket with new titles from their favorite author or genre. Fill in extra basket space with giant-sized home-baked cookies, candy or themed school supplies. Novelty pencils, pens or notebooks can their days at school more fun.

Everyone loves to act like a kid every once in awhile. Classic non-candy items such as bottles of bubbles, a jump rope or flying disc can be given to an older child to share with a younger sibling. After the Easter celebration, encourage the older child to blow bubbles for his toddler sibling or get active with cousins of a similar age by throwing the flying disc or by jumping rope.


Religious Gifts

Offer your older child religious gifts that remind her of the true meaning of the holiday. A new bible with a personalized book jacket or custom name imprinting can be cherished for a lifetime. Choose religious jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets, including crosses, the Star of David or ichthys, which is also known as the Jesus fish. Compact discs featuring spiritual music by popular artists will be appreciated by pre-teens that are exploring several music styles.