Which Wood Chips Are Best for Pulled Pork?

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When you are planning to barbecue or smoke pork, compliment the pork by adding wood chips to your grill or smoker. Several wood chips go very well with pulled pork, make sure to consider the whole barbecue menu when choosing your wood chips.


Apple Wood Chips

Apple wood chips are considered the best complement to pulled pork. When used in a barbecue it provides a fruity, yet mildly sweet flavor to the pork. You can find these wood chips at your local hardware store and sometimes even the local grocery store will have them in stock.


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Hickory Wood Chips

Hickory wood is a favorite when using a barbecue smoker. It adds a sweet and strong smoke flavor to the pulled pork. This wood can overpower the meat if too much is used; blending it with another more delicate wood like apple wood is a good option.


Cherry Wood Chips

According to Avalon Wine in Corvallis, Oregon, cherry wood works wonderfully with pork. It provides a rich flavor while also turning the meat a darker color. They recommend blending this wood with another wood such as hickory to balance the rich flavor.



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