What Is the Meaning of Seashells?

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Seashells are much more significant than you might think.

The sea is a beachcomber's paradise. Seashells come in every shape, color and size. And while they make for beautiful pieces of jewelry, art and conversation pieces, seashells have much more significance than you might think. It is said that every species of sea creature holds its own message, some perhaps a few.


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Analyze your dreams. According to the "Curious Dreamer's Dream Dictionary," dreaming of seashells is interpreted as physical, mental and emotional protection, usually of oneself. It could possibly mean that you are hiding or distancing yourself from others, the environment or something even more specific than that.



Find clarity in certain seashells. According to her website, Kate Silberberg, seashell divination reader and seashell healer, says that there is a certain amount of healing that goes on when you are in contact with seashells. They help to open up and activate your intuition, sensitivity and imagination. Depending upon the seashells you are naturally attracted to, they can also help to guide you along a path toward happiness and fulfillment. "Shells are gentle healers and messengers, and very powerful tools of transformation," says Silberberg.



Consider the significance of seashells in other cultures. For instance, the Calusa Indian tribe used seashells as a form of currency and trade and seashells represent wealth in the Polynesian culture. The conch shell, in particular, was -- and still is -- revered as an important tool in trumpeting significant events in their culture.


Home Decorating

Decorating your home with seashells can bring you luck. In feng shui, shells represent the water element. The northern area of your home is traditionally given over to water in the Black Hat sect of feng shui. Additionally, if you place a spiny shell on your windowsill, it would offer protection, while on the other hand water symbols in the bedroom represents to much movement and unrest.



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