What Are the White Cloudy Spots on My Laminate Countertops?

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Laminate is often confused with vinyl, but the two differ greatly. Laminate is made from natural materials such as wood and resin, and it requires special care and is more delicate than vinyl, which is synthetic. White spots on laminate countertops might be caused by hard water or soap residue, or they might be white food stains. Use care when cleaning the laminate to avoid damaging it.


Water Spots

Water creates spots on smooth and shiny surfaces when it dries. This happens because the water leaves behind minerals when it evaporates completely. The minerals look white and chalky. Hard water is common in certain regions throughout the United States. Check with your local water supplier to determine if you have hard water.


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Removing Water Spots

Water spots are simple to remove, especially if you don't let the spots build up and settle into the laminate countertops. Remove hard water spots by rinsing the countertops with distilled water and drying them completely. Drying ensures that more water marks don't develop. Alternatively, rub a cloth dampened with white vinegar over the spots. The acidic cleaning solution will neutralize the alkaline stain.


Soap Residue

Soap residue might also cause white cloudy spots on the laminate countertops. This happens when you use too much soap in your cleaning process or when you don't rinse the counters properly. Prevent this by using only a few drops of liquid dish soap per cup of water.


Removing Soap Residue

Remove soap residue quickly and simply by dampening a clean cloth in clear water. Don't soak the cloth because too much water can damage laminate counters. Rinse the cloth once it becomes covered in soap residue, and repeat the process. Always wring the cloth out as much as possible so you aren't soaking the laminate.


Food Stain

Food, such as milk and yogurt, might cause a white stain on laminate countertops. Remove it from the counter by soaking a clean cloth in water and wringing the cloth out as much as possible. Rub the cloth over the white spot until it is gone.



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