Why Do Roaches Get Into My Garage in the Summer?

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Cockroaches are pesky insects that infiltrate nearly every type of structure.

Cockroaches are fast pests that travel up to 50 times the length of their body in one minute. They exist all over the world, infiltrating homes, restaurants, sheds and garages, and are nearly impossible to get rid of. They multiply at lightning speeds, and one female drops a capsule of 40 each time she lays an egg. If you have roaches in your garage, you need to determine where they're coming from and why they entered.



Cockroaches are always on the lookout for food, and you probably have some in your garage even if it isn't the kind of food that you think of when you hear the word food. Cockroaches eat crumbs from human food, cardboard, books and even dog food. Sweep your garage frequently to eliminate the roach food source.


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While roaches love to eat, they absolutely need water to survive. Eliminate all sources of standing water in buckets, on tabletops, the floor and anywhere leaks enter the building. A roach can live without its head and only dies because it dehydrates from lack of water.


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You can bring a roach into your garage from someone else's belongings, packages or luggage. Once you have one female in your garage and she lays an egg, 40 more roaches form and then multiply even more until you have an infestation.



Getting rid of roaches is tedious. If you have the funds, the easiest way is to call an exterminator to spray pesticides. You can also place boric acid around the edges of the walls where roaches enter, or purchase special roach traps that have food to attract the roaches along with poison to kill them.



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