What Causes Moles in a House?

Moles are a pest in much of the country. While most people associate mole problems with the little burrowing creatures disrupting a garden, in some cases moles can start to cause problems in the house itself. You should know why moles are getting into or affecting your house so that you can take measures to prevent the pests from getting into the home.

No Foundation

If you live in a house without a foundation, the moles can enter the house, although most likely you will hear them directly underneath the house. Moles are underground creatures and are adapted best to moving underground rather than walking across a floor. Usually a foundation keeps them far enough away from the house itself that they aren't a problem, but with no foundation, or a very small one, their tunnels may bring them much closer or into your home.

Root Cellars

Homes with root cellars or dirt floor storage rooms in the basement are at a high risk for mole hills in the room. The moles themselves aren't likely to come into the room that often. However, if food is left out that smells appealing to the moles, they may come out of their tunnels to see what type of sustenance can be found in the room.


Moles actually end up in homes due to accidents sometimes. Moles would much rather be tunneling in the dirt outside the house as this is where their food is. However, sometimes a mole might dig the wrong way and end up in a home if access is easy, which might happen in a poorly-constructed basement or where cracks or other points of entry to a home line up with a mole tunnel.


Like any other animal, moles often follow their food. If you have large cracks in your basement or a dirt floor in the basement that is home to the types of bugs that moles like to feed on, you may end up with moles in your home. Again, this is very uncommon. Most people who think they have moles inside the home actually have problems with mice or shrews instead.

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