Types of Collages

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A collage is a piece of artwork formed from many images.

Collage has been a part of the art world since it came into focus in the 20th century. It is essentially the art of combining images and materials to form one cohesive picture that draws the eye. Artists have used several collage techniques since the style's introduction.



While many collages are two-dimensional, some famous artists have incorporated a three-dimensional element to their collages. Pablo Picasso created a three-dimensional collage using a cardboard surface in his famous collage "Guitar" later in his career. The added dimension to the picture provides depth and texture to the collage.


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Picture Pile

The picture pile collage is perhaps the easiest and most common of all of the collage varieties. This type of collage is composed of a variety of photographs or other images scattered randomly on a canvas. Adjust the pictures in their order in the pile to better highlight their image in the compilation.



A grid collage is a variety of pictures that are arranged into a grid pattern. The images are displayed in neat rows and columns. This allows the viewer to separate the images in their mind while still recognizing the similarities and the cohesive elements. This style is perhaps the least artistic of the collage types.



The mosaic style combines images to form a single picture.

A mosaic collage is perhaps one of the most challenging forms of collage, as the images form a single cohesive image. The pictures may not be aligned into neat rows and columns like the grid variety.



A decoupage collage combines several layers of paper to produce a single three-dimensional image. Some artists use glass to achieve this image. The decoupage images are then combined with flat images and other decoupages to form the whole of the collage.


Paper Collage

Paper collages are formed from various colors, textures, weight and types of paper. Some artists incorporate newspaper into their collages alongside other papers. Cardstock, construction paper or scrapbook paper all come in various colors with their own special textures. The difference in color, texture, and weight in the collage draws the eye and adds intrigue to the art.



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