Craft Ideas for the Immunity Idol on "Survivor"

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A tiki mask or figure serves as a good base for your idol.

The hit CBS television show "Survivor" uses an immunity idol in almost every episode. The competitors take part in a specific challenge and the team that wins receives the immunity idol and is safe from elimination. Toward the end of the season, only one person wins the immunity idol. For a "Survivor" themed party, try your hand at making your own idol that mimics one from the show.


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Pearl Islands Idol

In one season, "Survivor" took a group of participants to the Pearl Islands. The idol used in that season featured a skull attached to an old-fashioned axe handle. Make the same idol from an old wooden axe, preferably one with a rusty blade that has an antique feel. Use a plastic skull, such as one from your Halloween decorations. Poke a hole through the top of the skull with a sharp knife and lightly place it on top of the axe, making sure the top of the axe pokes through the top of the skull. Thread plastic beads and feathers onto a leather strap and tie it to the top of the axe.


Panama Idol

During the Panama and Exile Island seasons, "Survivor" used wooden idols. Make your own from small wooden masks from a craft shop. Drill a small hole through the top and bottom of three masks and slide through a sharpened stick from your yard. Wrap the bottom of the idol in dried grass. Use more grass to attach smaller sticks to the sides of the idol.

Necklace Idols

For individual challenges, an individual immunity idol is awarded to participants. Idols of this type resemble highly decorative necklaces. Make your own from wooden beads and twine or leather straps. Tie a knot in one end of the twine or leather and string on three or four beads of different colors. Thread a small wooden mask next to the beads and add more beads to the necklace. For a more colorful look, alternate the wooden beads with feathers in different colors.


Basic Idols

Multiple seasons of "Survivor" used basic wooden idols, including the Outback, Borneo, and Africa seasons. Check thrift stores, craft stores and home decorations stores for wood tiki statues. Leave the statue outside for a few days, preferably during a rainstorm, to give it a more weathered look. Tie dried grass and feathers on a piece of twine around the piece, just to give it a more authentic look.