Homemade Snow Frost for Windows

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Create a realistic frost design with the help of a rubber spatula.

Artificial snow frost often decorates windows throughout the winter holiday season. Rather than use commercial artificial frost sprays, create a homemade window frost with common items and ingredients found in the house. Decorate windows on the front of the house to create a festive window display that welcomes guests and the winter season.


White Icing Snow Frost

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Use prepared white icing to create a realistic snow frost on the inside of a window. Use a small rubber spatula to scoop out a small amount of icing from its container. Push the icing onto the corner of a window. Gently pull the rubber spatula over the surface of the window, smoothing and thinning the icing over the glass. Continue applying and spreading the icing over the window, creating a border around the edges or covering the entire glass surface. Add more icing at the bottom of the window or where snow would naturally gather. Use the edge of the spatula to create realistic lines and designs in the frost.

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Epsom Salt Snow Frost

Dissolve 4 tsp. Epsom salt in 1 cup beer or soda. Allow the foamy solution to sit for about 30 minutes. Dip a small paintbrush into the mixture and apply it in small circular motions to the inside of a window. As the mixture dries, small crystals form. To create more crystallization, dab the applied mixture with a wet facial tissue before it dries. If desired, apply another layer after the first layer has dried.


Talc and Sugar Snow Frost

Mix together 1/3 cup talc, 1/3 cup powdered sugar and 1/3 cup granulated sugar. Apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to the inside of a glass window. Use your fingers to press some of the dry mixture onto the vegetable oil. Continue pressing the mixture onto the oil until the glass is covered. Add more in bottom corners or areas where snow would likely build up.


Removing Artificial Snow Frost

Fill a bowl with hot water. Soak a clean cloth in the water and wring it out. Wipe the window to loosen the artificial snow frost. Continue wetting the cloth and wiping the window until the fake frost is removed. Spray the window with glass cleaner and wipe it clean with a dry cloth.



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