Why Won't My New Husqvarna Chainsaw Start?

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While most Husqvarna chainsaws start up even years after they're first purchased, with minimal effort, a few may have difficulty even from the beginning. While blaming the machine and taking it back to the store might be the simplest solution, the likely problem is simply a common error. So before asking for your money back, examine some of the basic elements on the chainsaw.


Machine Turned on?

Simply put, the machine must be turned on to work. Verify that the ignition switch is set to the "On" setting and that the switch isn't damaged or loose in any way. Also, see that the choke lever is set to the "Start" position and that the primer bulb, if present, is filled with fuel. Pull backwards on the front handle to see if the chain brake is disengaged as the machine will not start with it on.


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Using the Proper Fuel?

Husqvarna chainsaws require a special premixed type of fuel different than your car or lawnmower. The regular unleaded gasoline, with an octane rating of 89 or higher, should be mixed with a high-quality air-cooled two-cycle engine oil. Mix these two at a ratio of 40:1 in a clean fuel container. Shake the oil and gas together to blend them thoroughly. Dump out any unmixed or old gasoline immediately. Clean the fuel tank with a brush and rag if the gas has gone bad, and pour in the freshly mixed fuel.


Fuel Reaching Carburetor?

With fresh fuel in the tank, verify that it's reaching the carburetor. If the primer bulb isn't filling, likely the carburetor isn't getting fuel either. Unscrew the top cylinder cover. Remove the air filter and the air filter's mounting box. Unhook the two rubber hoses from the elbow connectors on the carburetor. Tilt the engine upside down, and look for drops of fuel to come out of the hoses and carburetor. If no fuel is coming out, find the source of the blocked fuel to get your Husqvarna running.


Spark Plug Working?

If the Husqvarna has gas but still isn't starting, it may have a faulty spark plug or wiring. Unhook the rubber wire from the end of the spark plug. Remove the spark plug from the cylinder, and insert it into the rubber boot on the end of the wire. Wear leather gloves, set the engine onto the ground and locate a grounded metal point on the engine block. Hold the wire with the plug's tip about 3 cm from the grounded metal point. Put your foot into the rear handle, and pull on the starter rope. A blue spark should be seen jumping across the plug. If there's no spark, take the chainsaw back to the dealer as the ignition module is faulty.



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