Ways to Carry Bottles of Beer

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Beer is a great beverage for social events.

Beer is a popular alcoholic beverage around the world. Beer is popular for many reasons, including its refreshing taste and its easy transportability. Unlike mixed drinks, beer doesn't require a lot of preparation except perhaps to be kept cold until you're ready to enjoy it. There are a variety of ways to keep your beer cold until you reach your destination.



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Coolers are perhaps the most popular and obvious way to carry bottles of beer from place to place. Coolers come in many sizes; make sure you aren't using one that is going to be too heavy to carry when filled with ice and beer bottles. Smaller coolers work great and are very portable, but they are often designed to hold cans. You may have to get creative with your beer placement to fit as many bottles in the cooler as possible. This will be more difficult with long-neck bottles. Short-necked bottles will pose less of a problem.

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Plastic Bags

In a pinch, you can use plastic bags to carry bottles of beer. Use an ordinary bag such as you might get with your purchase at a grocery or department store. If the bag feels flimsy, you can double bag and put another bag inside it. Lay your beer flat in the bag and cover it with ice. Check the bag frequently and dump out any water that forms as the ice melts.


Cooler Boxes

The cooler box is an innovative invention by the brewing industry, specifically Coors Brewing, that makes taking bottles of beer with you simple and easy. Coors Light cooler boxes are specifically designed to handle ice without getting the box wet and warping it, causing it to break apart and crumble. All you have to do is open the box and add enough ice to fill the open spaces in the box and you're ready to go with your bottled beer.



You can carry bottles of beer in a backpack. Take a backpack you don't value too highly. It may get a little bit wet in the process. Put an old towel down and line the backpack with it. Place the bottles of beer in the backpack. Place them on their sides and line the bottles up facing each other so you can get more bottles in the bag. To keep the bottles cold, use reusable ice packs and place them in the bag directly next to the bottles. If you don't have reusable ice packs available, you can fill up a locking, sealed plastic bag with cubes of ice; just make sure the bag is sealed.



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