What Type of Paint to Use for Plastic Bottles?

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Painting plastic bottles is a fun activity.

Hydroponics, crafts or decoration are only three reasons people would want to paint plastic bottles. There are different types of paints to suit this kind of material, and all of them can be found in any hardware store. Painting plastic bottles is a simple task that can provide hours of fun.


Spray Paint

As a default choice, many people prefer to use spray paints for most of their crafts. Regular spray paints don't typically work if applied directly to plastic bottles, though. You can sand your plastic bottle to give it texture, or add primer prior to spray painting it. Another choice is to get specialty spray paints that bond to plastic. By spray painting, you'll be able to apply an even coat to your work in only minutes.


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Primer Paint

Use this product before you start painting. By adding a coat of primer paint, you'll be able to achieve better adhesion of paint on the bottle. Not only does it provide protection to the bottle, but it also ensures that the paint job will last longer.


Melamine Paint

Melamine paint becomes hard once it dries. This gives your work a solid finish. Many professionals use melamine paint on cabinet surfaces and other spots expected to be durable. You can find melamine paints in different hardware stores, in a wide variety of colors.


Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is probably your first choice when painting crafts. The advantage of this product is that it's fast drying and can be used straight from the package. If you prefer, you can thin it out with water before painting. Since this product is so versatile, you can achieve different effects in your work. This paint is recommended for people who want to experiment and create new designs in their work.



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