What Is the Difference Between Pizza Hut's Pepperoni Lovers & Double Pepperoni Toppings?

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Understanding the difference between the two types can be confusing.

Pizza Hut is a pizza conglomerate that has stores all over the United States, making it one of the most recognizable pizza brands in the country. Like all major companies, advertising plays a role in Pizza Hut's operations. One of the recent campaigns involves the "Lover's" line of pizzas, which includes the Pepperoni Lover's Pizza. With the new line, some customers have started asking themselves, "Is there a difference between Pepperoni Lover's and a pizza with double pepperoni?" Indeed, there is a difference.


Pepperoni Lover's Pizza

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One of Pizza Hut's latest advertising campaigns has been with the "Lover's" style pizzas. One of the most popular is Pepperoni Lover's Pizza. This pizza, according to Pizza Hut's website, is "a two layered mouthful of pepperoni in every bite." This pizza has two separate layers of pepperoni, which can enhance or detract from the taste, depending on how much you love pepperoni.

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Double Pepperoni

When you order a non-specialty pizza from Pizza Hut, you are offered the opportunity to customize that pizza with toppings of your choice. Many people elect to order double pepperoni toppings, which is cheaper than ordering the Pepperoni Lover's Pizza. Truth be told, if the cooks do everything right, you'll only be getting about two-thirds the pepperoni of the Pepperoni Lover's Pizza, which does feature an extra layer that the double pepperoni topping does not have.


Price Difference

In most of the United States, there is a nominal price difference between the two pizzas. The prices hover at about a $2 difference, as of March 2011, with the Pepperoni Lover's Pizza being $2 more expensive than the double pepperoni, when crust, size, sauce and cheese are the same. So the difference is an extra $2 for an extra third of pepperoni.


Nutritional Difference

Many websites offer nutritional overviews of foods from various food chains. Pizza Hut is no exception. Analyzing the data from these websites yields a few simple statistics. There are about 15 calories per serving of pepperoni on a medium pizza, making a single piece of double pepperoni pizza on pan crust 290 calories, while a single piece of Pepperoni Lover's Pizza on pan crust is 310 calories. This is due to the extra layer of cheese and pepperoni on the Lover's.



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