Kid's Pirate Party Food Ideas

Planning a pirate party? Food is a big part of the fun! We've got you covered with simple ideas that make a big impact without adding stress to the ship's cook. In fact, mini-pirates can put most of these together themselves. (Or maybe they're too busy swabbing the deck?!)

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Hot Dog Ships

For the world’s easiest transformation of turning hotdogs into a fleet of pirate ships, simply cut out squares of paper for the sails and poke them through an extra-long toothpick. Make flags (or find printables online), glue to the top of the toothpick and affix the sails.

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Treasure Map Pizza

Use your favorite pizza recipe for this one, gently shaping the dough into a rectangle. Add sauce and cheese and bake before adding a sliced olive trail, pretzel-broccoli trees, a bell pepper boat and of course an “X” to mark the spot.

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Man-Eating Octopus Veggie Tray

All you need to make this deceptively simple veggie tray is two bell peppers, two googly eye stickers and a plate of raw vegetables. The “head” is one whole bell pepper with the stem trimmed off. Cut the second pepper into eight strips and stick on your googly eyes for a dramatic effect in minutes.

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Crocodile Blood

Pour Yer Poison. Pirates' Bloody Brew. Yo, Ho, Ho & This Bottle of Rum. Any red punch will do for this toe-curling drink — the effect is all about placing a sign next to your jug once you decide on a name.

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Shark Bait

Doing double duty for adding to the maritime theme and offering a familiar food to any less-than-adventurous eaters, you can never go wrong with these famously shaped crackers.

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  • Paper cupcake liners make easy (and inexpensive) serving cups.

Dead Men's Fingers

Mini sausages make a perfectly creepy pop of protein for party tables that are usually loaded with sweets.

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Shark Teeth Cheese

With one carefully placed sign, white cheddar cheese wedges instantly become a spooky snack.

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  • To make flags, fold a piece of paper in half then cut twice to make a triangle. Use glue to fasten onto an extra-long toothpick.

Sweet Sea Creatures

Nothing rounds out a swashbuckling buffet like fish-shaped candies or chocolates with golden wrappers. Arrange on a platter or scatter throughout the serving area.

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Pirate Booty Favors

Bundle gold-wrapped candies in treat bags with a ribbon to send every pirate home with a smile.

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