What Kind of Glue Can Be Used on Glass?

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Using the right glue will help you to bond things to glass.

Gluing glass is difficult; because of its smooth, nonporous surface, the glue cannot seep into it. This keeps the glass from bonding to the adhesive; however, some glues can work in bonding glass to other glass objects as well as bonding it to wood, fabric or paper.


Watch Crystal Cement

Watch crystal cement is ideal for glass and plastic, such as clear contoured canopies, and windshields of car and model airplanes. A needle-point applicator is usually included with watch crystal cement when you buy it. The needle applicator helps you to apply it on glass cleanly and accurately. This glue can be used on anything from magnifying lenses to mineral glass crystals because it dries clearly. When exposed to UV light, the watch crystal cement hardens.


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Glues Used in Aquariums

The glues used on aquariums to seal the joints to prevent water from coming out is not just an ordinary glue. These glues are usually silicon based. With these aquarium glues, you can join two glasses together because it is strong when dried. It is also colorless when dried, giving the glass a clean and clear look. The glue can also be used underwater.


Jeweler’s Glue

Jeweler's glue, such as the E600 and Beacon 527 glue, works on glass. It can be used to bond glass to other materials such as fabrics, wood, vinyl and metals; however, it does not work with glass-to-glass bonding. No mixing is required when using the E600 jeweler's glue. After applying the glue to bond glass and wood or glass and fabric, you must let it dry for at least 15 minutes in order for it to have a strong bond. When dried, the jeweler's glue is flexible and colorless.


Silicone Gel Glues

Silicon-based glues can also be used on glass. Silicone gel glues are acid-free and can be used to bond paper or fabric to glass. The glue is designed in such a way that it does not discolor the paper when applied.



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