Uses of Milk & Milk Products

Milk is a common food source.
Milk is a common food source. (Image: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Milk is ubiquitous in kitchens across the United States. Even individuals with lactose intolerance find ways around not drinking milk or find an alternative like lactose-free milk. Milk is found in many products and has many uses. From cosmetics to food, milk is a substance that has been used for many things throughout the centuries.

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Food Source

Milk is a nutritive, rich liquid that is used on its own and to make cheese, yogurt and additional food products. Milk food products, called dairy, are recognized for their nutritive qualities. According the National Dairy Council, milk offers nine essential nutrients. Some of these include calcium, vitamin D, B12, riboflavin and niacin. Goat’s milk is actually the world’s most common milk as it is widely used in Europe and Asia.

Goat's Milk Lotion

Goat's milk is commonly used as a major ingredient in lotions. Goat’s milk is loaded with many nutrients, including riboflavin, vitamin B2 and a high count of calcium, which promotes skin cell renewal. Goat’ milk is also very nutritious when ingested because of the antioxidants it contains.

Goat's Milk Soap

Goat’s milk is also used in soap. The fat content in whole goat’s milk provides a moisturizer to the skin preventing dryness that many soaps give. Goat’s milk goes through a special method of saponification which turns fat into a frothy soap and glycerin, which keeps the skin soft and supple.

Dry Milk

Whether it is goat’s milk or cow’s milk, dairy products have a shelf life. Often times, milk products can become bad very quickly. Dry milk has been developed from fresh milk and allows for it to be used as a dietary substitute. Depending on labeling instructions, simply mixing the powdered milk with water turns into liquid milk which can be used for drinking and used in baking and cereals. Dry milk with just a bit of water to turn it into a paste also makes a wonderful moisturizing facial.


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