Airless Sprayer Tips for Elastomeric Paint

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Elastomeric paint is a thick heavy-duty material that usually lasts much longer than even the highest quality exterior paint. Because this paint is so thick, using the proper airless spray equipment and the right tip for the job is essential. You can purchase these tips at a number of different places to suit your particular painting needs.


Graco Airless Tips

Graco manufactures airless spray paint tips for elastomeric paint that range from .023 to .027 thousandths of an inch. The smallest size requires an airless sprayer that sprays paint at least .47 gallons per minute.


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Paint Sprayers Unlimited

Paint Sprayers Unlimited sells both a .019 and a .023 size airless paint tip for elastomeric paint. The .019 size tip is the smallest available, so it will use less material and may minimize runs and drips. This smaller size requires a sprayer that can move at least .32 gallons of paint per minute.



Lexis specializes in selling roof coatings and offers tips for applying an elastomeric roof coating that range from .019 all the way up to a .035 size. The sprayer should be able to move at least 3 gallons of paint per minute and have a minimum pressure of 3,000 pounds per square inch when applying this special elastomeric roof coating.


Empowered Equipment

Empowered Equipment offers three different sizes of elastomeric paint tips for applying this thick paint variety. The .019 size requires a flow rate of .32 gallons per minute, the .023 tip requires a rate of .46 gallons, and the .025 needs a minimum of .56 gallons per minute.



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