The Uses of a Dropper

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Droppers are instruments used for measuring and transferring liquids in small amounts. They consist of a long plastic or glass tube with an opening at the end and a rubber bulb at the top. By pressing this rubber bulb, you squeeze out the liquid you need. This way, you can have the right amount of medicine, liquid food or whatever you are working with. Main dropper usage is medical, but it can be used in many other activities and different circumstances.


Medical Uses

Droppers have several medical uses and they might come handy in numerous situations. If your child is ill and you have to give him an exact medicine dose, the safest way to measure it is with a dropper. Many child medicines even come in package with a dropper. It is also used to measure eye, ear and other drops and liquid medicine for adults. You may also use an eyedropper to feed an infant if it refuses to eat. You can do that by squeezing a small amount of food into the corner of its mouth. You can apply this also to your newborn pets.


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Herbal Elixirs

When making a herbal elixir or other product that requires herbs, whether it's ginger, elder, cherry or something else, you can use a dropper for transferring and measuring the right amount. Because usually these herbal products are strong, dosages are very small so an eye dropper may come very useful.


Using Dropper in Cooking

Numerous recipes ask for a very small amount of a certain liquid ingredient, such as oil or some kind of spice. In that case, an often solution for a cook is an eye dropper, which is able to measure the right amount. Due to the fact that droppers can measure very small dosages, they are often used as cooking measuring tools.


Using Dropper in Art

There are special droppers made of soft plastic and designed for craft uses, but you can use any regular dropper if you are into art. Using eye droppers is a way to mix and apply a precise amount of paint, ink or dye. Although droppers are most common in art, they can be also used in other similar crafts for measuring liquid supplies.



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