Party Ideas for a 53rd Birthday

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A well-planned birthday party can make it fun for everyone.

A 53rd birthday might not be a birthday a person looks forward to as they would a milestone birthday, such as age 18 or 21. However, it is important to celebrate each birthday, so having a few ideas on how to setup the party is a good way to ensure the birthday boy or girl has a good time on their special day.


The Day You Were Born Party

Purchase a newspaper published on the birth date and from the area where the person celebrating their birthday was born. If you cannot purchase an archived new paper, you can likely find an archive at the local library. Theme the party around local or national events happening on the day the person was born.


Video of the Day

Themed Destinations Party

Theme a party around the favorite vacation destination for the person having the birthday. After 52-years, every person has a favorite place to be. For example, if the person like tropical islands, you could theme the party after Hawaii and have a luau. Invite 52 of their friends and associates to join the celebration.


Birthstones and Birth Flowers

Decorate the party to match their particular birthstone and flowers. Although not age specific, it adds a detailed touch to the party that shows you went the extra mile in planning. Associate the colors with their favorite things. For example, if the birthday boy likes cars, you could decorate the room with cars that match their birth color.


Important Milestones

Rent a slide show projector and collect pictures from each year in the life of the birthday boy. Celebrate one milestone for each year. Have the person closest to the milestone tell the audience about the milestone and have the birthday boy provide their take on each milestone.



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