Ideas for a 47th Birthday Party

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Buy gifts that the birthday girl doesn't already have.

Create a birthday celebration that highlights memorable accents and treasures that tell a story about the honoree's life. Feature a family scrapbook that includes 47 years' worth of photos from different phases of her life to display at the party. Designate one page of the book for guests to sign when they arrive. Choose food and cake that suits her taste and find a gift that reflects the joy of turning 47.


Birthday Cake

Feature a custom birthday cake at your friend's 47th birthday party. Order a large sheet cake that says "Happy 47th Birthday." Ask the baker to put 47 pink, purple, red, and blue roses on the cake. Make sure that there are exactly 47 roses, and put edible numbers that start from 1 through 47 underneath each rose to symbolize each year of the birthday boy's life. If there is room, you can also ask the baker to put "May the Next 47 Years Be as Wonderful as the First."


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Engraved Watch or Locket

Get the 47-year-old an engraved watch (for a man) or locket (for a woman). Engrave a message about turning 47 engraved on the back of the locket. Place the locket or watch inside a tiny box that has the number 47 pasted on the front. You can write the number with calligraphy pens or chipboard letters.


47-Year-Old Bottle of Wine

Give the person turning 47 a bottle of wine from her birth year. This gift works well for wine and food lovers. Give her one bottle of wine with a bouquet of roses and other gifts or put together a gift basket filled with different types of 47-year-old wine selections. Other gifts to include with this present include an engraved wine opener, personalized wine glasses and an assortment of cheeses.


47 Charms on a Necklace

Buy your friend a charm necklace that symbolizes 47 years of life. Fill the necklace with charms and put additional charms in a box that has the number 47 printed on it. Look for charms that represent 47 years of life -- baby shoe charms from when she was a baby and heart charms for when she fell in love. Buy charms at the jewelry store or look for additional charms online until you find an assortment of charms that fit the person.



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