Types of Art Classes

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Some art classes teach technique while others teach about history.

Art takes many shapes and forms, spanning from paintings to sculptures to digital art simulations. Professional artists and people who enjoy expressing their creative side take art classes to learn new techniques and gain more practice. However, classes on art history and art culture are also available to those who have more of an interest in learning about theories, famous artists and important art pieces in history.



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Watercolor art classes teach students how to specifically paint with watercolors. Painting with watercolors relies on a technique that is different from other art forms. For instance, the brush technique that is taught to students in watercolor classes does not apply to painting with oils. Such lessons also instruct students on how to properly let the colors bleed into one another, which is another technique specific to watercolors. Students who sign up for beginner watercolor art classes can expect to paint landscapes and waterscapes. More advanced students might get into classes that teach them how to mix media by integrating colored charcoals and pencils.

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Painting With Oils

Painting with oils requires a class all to itself, as the technique is specific. When you attend oil painting art classes you will learn about dry brushing, how to thin oils with water so that you get the composition that you want and how to do layering. A slight three-dimensional element exists with oil paintings, as you can use special tools to make ridges, bumps, slashes and slopes in the painting.



Sculpting classes are offered in a variety of media, including, but not limited to, clay, stone and wood. Sculpting classes emphasize the importance of shape, lines and movement, which are things that a sculptor must incorporate into his pieces. In sculpting classes artists are taught about various tools they can use to sculpt with, including hands, chisels and knives.


Art History

Art history classes are taken by many artists to learn about the theory or philosophy behind famous techniques and the artists who mastered them. It is helpful for artists to take art history classes, as well as for individuals who wish to pursue a career as an art dealer, museum curator, art educator or an art appraiser. In art history classes, instructors educate students about how art originated and how different theories developed over time. Many art history classes focus on particular eras or geographic regions in the world. For instance, some courses may pertain to Renaissance art, while others focus on Roman art.



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