Are Old Stoneware Pfaltzgraff Dishes Microwaveable?

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Pfaltzgraff made dinnerware for the American table for over a hundred years. Pfaltzgraff dinnerware production was stoneware, earthenware, bone china and porcelain. The majority of patterns available today on the secondary market are earthenware and stoneware. Pfaltzgraff patterns have been safe for the American home, because decoration under the glaze has been made with lead-free products. All Pfaltzgraff dinnerware is microwave safe.

Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware

Bone china and porcelain are fine translucent products from Pfaltzgraff used for dinnerware. Most Pfaltzgraff is heavy earthenware or stoneware. Stoneware may be finished in matte, satin or shiny glaze. Pfaltzgraff used earthenware for bright colors and embossed designs because it fired at a lower temperature than stoneware. Pfaltzgraff also produces an outdoor and casual-dining melamine dinnerware in classic patterns like Naturewood and Yorketown. Pfaltzgraff is a part of Lifetime Brands and has stopped dinnerware production in the United States, according to the Stangl Pottery website. Collectors search for discontinued Pfaltzgraff in durable, attractive dinnerware patterns like America.

Pfaltzgraff Stoneware

Pfaltzgraff stoneware is opaque, heavy quality dinnerware with a porous finish. This dinnerware takes some care with use; you should not subject it to sudden temperature changes. Use a padded mitt for removing these dishes from the microwave oven as they may get hot. Pfaltzgraff warns that a hot dish may break if a wet cloth touches it or if placed in water while hot.

Microwave Use

Portion size matters with Pfaltzgraff stoneware in the microwave. Choose a dish that is the right size for the portion of food you intend to microwave. This allows even heating and prevents hot spots that may cause cracking or crazing of your Pfaltzgraff stoneware. Crazing is cracking of the glaze or surface finish. The Pfaltzgraff website warns not to use dishes with a metal trim in the microwave.

General Recommendations

Pfaltzgraff provides a toll-free consumer hotline at 800-999-2811 for questions about its dinnerware products. The products meet all safety standards in the United States. Testing was performed by independent laboratories for years. Fill Pfaltzgraff stoneware with warm water and allow to soak. Do not immerse stoneware and leave for periods of time since the "foot" is unglazed and will absorb the water. Microwave Cooking For One website recommends Pfaltzgraff for microwave cooking, and lists many of the discontinued patterns. Pfaltzgraff licenses other makers to coordinate products, so check with the manufacturer of products not made by Pfaltzgraff before subjecting the piece to the microwave.

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