What Is AC Plywood?

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AC plywood is both soft and smooth.

AC plywood is a building material constructed out of slender wood sheets pressed together. It is a common material due to its durability and power. Many different grades of plywood exist, such as the most common variety, which is AA plywood.



AC plywood's two letters (A and C) stand for the grade of each side. The "A" is for one side of the plywood, which is finished and sanded. The other side of the plywood is graded "C," which means that it is not sanded and therefore isn't intended to be seen. A plywood with a CD grade would be entirely unfinished.


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AC plywood has a variety of different uses, although primarily for base coatings, fences, roofs and ceilings. It also has an application for furniture, particularly for situations in which one side of the wood is exposed and the other side is concealed. Some examples include clothing wardrobes, dressers and bookcases. The wood is also useful for framing and wood paneling of indoor walls. Flooring is another common application for AC plywood since only one side is visible.



AC plywood can be safely exposed to water without warping or other damage. This is valid even in situations where the AC plywood has been painted over or laminated.


Other Types

Other common varieties of plywood include CDX, BC, BD, AA and CD. Plywood comes in many different types, such as strong structural plywood, sturdy marine plywood, exterior plywood and interior plywood.




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