The Best Fan to Use to Remove Odor in a Room

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Fans circulate air to aid in the odor removal process.
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Lingering odors in your home can make it difficult to enjoy time indoors. Once you've removed the source of the odor, you can install a fan to circulate air and get rid of the remaining odor. However, some fans work much better than others when it comes to eliminating household odors.


Combination Fans

The best type of fan to use to remove an odor from a room is a combination fan that features multiple odor-eliminating features. These features include HEPA filters, carbon filters, ozone sanitizers and ultraviolet lights. The best combination fans also include pre-filters for trapping the largest particles in the room and allowing the other types of filters to work more efficiently. The best fan is also one that is rated by the manufacturer for a space close to the size of the room where you have an odor problem.


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Each component in a combination fan helps to eliminate odors in a different way. The fan itself promotes air circulation and forces as much air as possible through the filters and cleaning elements. Carbon filters inside the fan housing trap smoke particles and dust, while HEPA filters capture extremely small particles that may contain odors. Ultraviolet lights kill microorganisms to prevent them from producing future odors. Ozone sanitizers produce ions that cleanse the air without adding chemicals to it.


Fans with Speed Settings

Whatever type of fan you choose to get rid of odors in your home, having variable speed settings will make it even more effective. Even the best fan is useless unless you can run it for extended periods of time until the odor is gone. Instead of turning off the fan overnight or when using the room, dial it down to a lower setting for less noise and reduced, though uninterrupted, airflow.


Usage Tips

Besides using the fan as often as possible, you can eliminate odors more quickly by operating your fan efficiently. Position the fan near an exterior window or door to remove odors from your home completely rather than forcing them into other rooms or parts of the home. Always set up the fan to blow outward, as filling the room with clean air may help but will take much longer to have the desired effect of removing odors completely.



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