What Can You Tell Me About the Jonsered 2095 Chainsaws?

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The 2095 Turbo model chainsaw is the longest chainsaw manufactured by the Sweden-based company Jonsered and sold in the United States in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. Jonsered no longer directly sells the model stateside, but it remains one of the company's most sought-after chainsaws, thanks to its sturdy construction and heavy-duty power.



Founded in the early 1800s, Jonsered is today best known for its gasoline-powered chainsaw models. The company sells its products in 60 countries and has about 5,300 dealers. Jonsered created its first gas-powered, modern chainsaw in 1954; it is the model upon which most contemporaneous designs are based. The chainsaws are manufactured primarily in Sweden, Norway and the United States.


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The 2095 is mostly used by professional loggers looking to fell large trees and for milling. Because it is quite heavy and large, it is best used by people with a lot of experience with chainsaws. Though Jonsered does not offer this model for sale on its U.S. website, you may be able to find a dealer with a supply of both new and used 2095 Turbo models.



The 2095 Turbo is powered by a 93.6 cc engine that develops almost 6.7 horsepower; it has an rpm of 2,500. The chainsaw features a bar-tip sprocket and a main-drive sprocket, a gear-driven auto oiler and a compression release. The length of the blade is 32 inches; it is about 3/8 inch thick, and weighs 18 pounds. The fuel tank holds 1.84 liters of fluid. This model has a 36-inch bar. The model retails new from a dealer for over $800, as of 2011.


Safety Tips

Refrain from starting the 2095's engine without the clutch or drum lifted. Avoid contact with the silencer and clutch -- or any other parts that tend to get hot -- after turning off your chainsaw. Regularly check the 2095 for damaged or aging parts, and replace anything that needs to be fixed. Don't use the chainsaw indoors, as the exhaust fumes are toxic. Always wear safety equipment, including a helmet, hearing protection and goggles.



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