Dimensions of a Roto Skylight

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Manufactured by Natural Light Solutions, Roto windows are offered in roof windows, top-hung windows and roof skylights. There are seven sizes of Roto skylights that are represented by the classifications FSV-1, FSV-2, FSV-3, FSV-5, FSV-6, FSV-7 and FSV-9. The size of your Roto skylight will vary based on the size of the room and the distance between the roof rafters.


Shapes and Sizes

Roto skylights come in seven, rectangular-shaped frames in varying width and height combinations. While all windows are rectangular and no geometrically-exact squares are offered, a close match to the square is available with FSV-6. The standard frame sizes of Roto skylights include: FSV-1 at 21.2-inches-by-30.7-inches; FSV-2 at 21.2-inches-by-38.5-inches; FSV-3: 29.1-inches-by-38.5-inches; FSV-5 at 29.1-inches-by-46.4-inches; FSV-6 at 44.8-inches-by-46.4-inches; FSV-7 at 29.1-inches-by-55.1-inches; and FSV-9 at 44.8-inches-by-30.7-inches. Each measurement is width-by-height.


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Room Size Recommendations

Roto skylights are constructed to fit in rooms with varying square footage. In rooms with approximately 6 to 11 square feet of room, the FSV-1 is recommended. In a 9 to 18 square foot room, try the FSV-2. The FSV-3 is recommended for rooms measuring 16 to 27 square feet, while both the FSV-5 and the FSV-9 will work in a room with 19 to 26 square feet of space. The FSV-6 is recommended for rooms with 32 to 55 square feet of space, while the FSV-7 works with rooms that are 26 to 36 square feet in size.


Rafter Spacing Recommendations

In a room with rafters spaced between 21.6 inches apart, a FSV-1 or FSV-2 Roto skylight is recommended. An FSV-3, FSV-5 or FSV-7 should be installed when rafters are clearly spaced at 29.5 inches apart, while the FSV-6 or FSV-9 is recommended for rooms with a rafter space of 45.2 inches apart.


Glass Dimensions

The dimensions of the glass component of a Roto skylight will vary based on frame size. Glass dimensions range from 18.8 inches to 42.5 inches wide and 28.3 inches to 52.7 inches tall. Other glass dimensions include combinations of 26.7 inches wide and 36.2 inches or 44" tall, depending on the frame.


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