Crafts for Teen Boys

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Woodworking crafts are one of many crafts well-suited for teen boys.

Finding craft projects for teenage boys can seem a challenge. However, a variety of crafts, including wooden crafts, wire sculpting, leather tooling and clay craft, all offer amusements and interest for boys 13 to 17. Such crafts can be developed into long-term hobbies or can be used to make custom decorations or gifts.


Working with Wood

Wood is a versatile and rewarding craft medium for teenage boys. Wood crafts can range from simple carpentry to decoupage prints for decoration. A simple carpentry project, wall shelves can involve not only the construction of the shelf but also the sanding and painting the surface. This finished project can be hung on the wall of the boy's room to display prized possessions or awards such as medals. Other carpentry crafts include wood bookends or birdhouses for outdoor use or indoor display. Wall art can be made using magazine cutouts glued to pieces of wood and covered in decoupage glue. This simple craft allows boys the ability to add a unique decorative touch to their room or can be given as gifts.


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Wire Sculpting

Used for jewelry making, wire sculpting is a craft that requires few additional materials. For wire sculpting projects, boys need only the wires and bending tools. Using silver or gold wire, boys can bend the wire to whatever shape they desire. Wire designs can be displayed on chains or cords for wearing. While some boys may wish to set semi-precious or gemstones in the center of the wire sculpture, more elaborate designs can be left unadorned. This craft is ideal for boys looking to make gifts for female relatives or friends.


Leather Tooling

Performed on supple, unpainted or pre-dyed leather, leather tooling can provide hours of enjoyment to teenage boys. Various designs and graphics can be tooled on leather, including basic flower or geometric designs as well as more complex images that boys can copy using tracing or wax paper. Depending on the maturity of the teen, parents may wish to supervise the use of the swivel knife to cut the image into the leather. Additional tools for leather tooling may include a mallet made of wood, PVC or rawhide as well as a beveler, pear shader and camouflage tool.


Working with Clay

Clay crafts are suitable for almost all ages, including teen boys who can use the material to create sculptures or pottery for display and gifts. Polymer clay, which can be fired in a regular kitchen oven, is well-suited for teenagers because of the permanence of the project once hardened and fired. In addition to basic pottery or sculptures, boys can make beads and even small scale-sized models.



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