Brown Leaves on a Star Jasmine

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Star jasmine is suceptible to winter browning.

Star jasmine is a spreading evergreen vine that often is used as a ground cover. Characterized by the highly aromatic fragrance that exudes from its delicate white flowers in early summer, star jasmine is a staple in the Southern landscape. While these plants generally are healthy, they are susceptible to leaf browning for a variety of reasons.


Environmental Conditions

While star jasmine is not a particularly strong climber, it can be placed low on fences and structures as an enhancement. When plants are growing in this manner, they are more susceptible to winter injury. Cold temperatures and biting wind can cause jasmine to develop crunchy, brown leaves and die back. Placing star jasmine on a wall facing north or east will minimize winter damage. Brick walls hold in heat and also help reduce winter injuries.


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Herbicide Damage

Herbicides help keep weeds under control in home gardens but can damage star jasmine. Leaf discoloration and drying are common symptoms of damage done by such herbicides atrazine or metribuzin. Damaged leaves typically turn yellow and then brown after exposure.


Nutritional Deficiencies

Plants deficient in the proper nutrients often exhibit leaf discoloration. Star jasmine plants that are deficient in zinc often develop symptoms such as leaf yellowing with tiny green spots within the yellow area. Leaves eventually become necrotic and turn brown, starting at the leaf tip.



Properly watering your star jasmine reduces drought stress and keeps it healthy. Drip irrigation systems provide a small but constant source of moisture for your plants and are useful for plants that need regular watering. Brown leaves from winter injury can be avoided by placing plants in your yard or garden that are hardy to your area. Star jasmine are hardy to U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 7 and 8. Avoid injuring your star jasmine with herbicides or other chemical products.



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