Salt & Light Sunday School Crafts for Kids

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Teach kids that when salt isn't salty it isn't good for anything.

The biblical principle of salt and light taught by Jesus is meant to encourage Christians to live a life that brings honor and glory to God through their deeds and words to others. Sunday school crafts for kids provide you with a way to teach those principles while creating objects with salt or lighting instruments - or even eating a craft made.


Light Container

Cover craft table for this craft. Provide each youth with small, torn pieces of light-colored gift wrap tissue paper, a paintbrush, and a baby jar minus the label. Add glue and a little water (for thinning) into container for use by kids. Ask youth to coat the jar exterior with glue with the paintbrush. Instruct them to add a thin covering of colored tissue pieces around the jar exterior before glue dries. Educate them that too much tissue will make the light invisible due to the darkness, much like their witness for Christ if they let dark thoughts and deeds enter their lives. Provide a plate of salt for them to roll the tissue-covered jar exterior in (to help brighten the light by sparkling when lit) before the glue dries.


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Salt-less Snack

When Jesus was comparing his believers' witness to others with salt, he emphasized that salt that has lost it flavor (saltiness) is not good for anything. Likewise believers who have lost their Christ-like attitudes and behaviors are not productive. Distribute two small plates to each child, one labeled "With salt" and one labeled "Without salt" to highlight salt's impact on people. Provide two saltine crackers with salt (and two without salt) on the respective plates. Ask kids to eat the unsalted crackers first. Have them eat the salted version next and respond about the taste difference between the two.


Light Education Craft

Cover the windows in your classroom with black fabric or black poster board or paper and cover any doorway light coming into the room with black paper as well. Distribute a battery-operated tea light to each kid and show them how to use it. Instruct them not to turn on the light until directed by you to do so. Turn off the lights and explain that without light in the world it would remain dark, but that Jesus said believers should light up the world with their words and deeds. Ask each student one at a time to turn on their tea lights until the room is lit back up. Emphasize why more than one light -- or believer -- is needed to light up the world.


Salt Education Craft

Provide kids with crayons and a picture containing a human and some animals. As they color educate them about how important salt is to people and animals of the world, just like salty Christians. According to the Salt Institute, humans will need to ingest almost 30,000 pounds of salt each within their lifetime and animals need salt for life, too.



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