Homemade Fly Killing Techniques

Controlling flies can make eating outdoors a better experience.

House flies quickly can become a nuisance. In summer months, or when garbage sits around between trash pick-up days, flies seemingly can be everywhere. The pests not only ruin backyard outings, but they can spread disease. Using store-bought fly catchers and pesticides is one option to cut down on the problem. However, you can use some commonly found items to make your own fly traps and killers.

Trash Location

One of the simplest ways to ward off flies is to keep trash away from the house. If you keep trash cans in an attached garage, make sure to not use the door between the house and garage during warm weather. Move trash cans to a location away from the house, use containers with tight-fitting lids and make sure to tightly close trash bags. Catnip, a natural fly repellent, can be planted around trash cans.

Wine Fly Traps

An open bottle of sweet wine, such as port or chardonnay, can be an effective fly killer. Place the bottle, with about one to two inches of wine at the bottom mixed with mango and orange peels, close to where flies are swarming. The flies are drawn to the wine, but get stuck in the rotting fruit peels. Another method is to put a mixture of wine and two teaspoons of dish detergent in a deep dish. The soap will poison the flies.

Hanging Traps

Hanging fly traps are sold in stores. Flies attracted to the adhesive strip in the traps get stuck and can't escape. If you prefer to make your own hanging trap, use a wide ribbon coated on both sides with a sticky substance, such as honey or molasses. Hang it from a ceiling or rafter. Dispose of the trap once the flies have been caught or the bait is no longer sticky.

Vinegar Traps

Another homemade method of catching and killing flies involves apple cider vinegar. The sweet smell of the vinegar will attract flies and the vinegar itself will drown them. Cut the top off a plastic bottle and add two inches of apple cider vinegar along with two teaspoons of sugar. Mix well and set the open container close to where flies gather.