Paw Print Crafts

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Paw prints make a sentimental keepsake.

Most of our pets live drastically shorter lives than we do, and paw print crafts are the perfect way to immortalize our relationship with them. You can make a holiday ornament with modeling clay, create a concrete stepping stone for your garden, use paint to create a work of art, or plaster to make a wall decoration. Be gentle with your pet's feet and clean them afterward, and then you can both enjoy the reminder of your friendship.


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Use a cookie cutter to make specific shapes.

Choose your favorite color of modeling clay, which is readily available at craft stores. Work the clay to soften it, and then shape it as desired on a portable surface like a piece of aluminum foil or a cookie sheet. Gently take your pet's paw (or paws) and press it into the clay, rolling it from back to front to get a good impression. Decorate the mold however you like before baking or drying as directed on the package. Clay paw print impressions make good paperweights.



Paw print stepping stones can decorate your garden wherever you live.

Paw prints in concrete are a nice, permanent addition to your decor, usually outdoors. If you are pouring concrete for landscaping or a driveway, consider adding your pet's paw prints before the material dries. Write the date, and you have a bit of personalization to your addition. Another option is to use a stepping stone mold or kit. Available at craft stores, these can be decorated as you choose and taken with you if you move.



Avoid using latex paint; try tempera or poster paint instead.

With a little nontoxic paint and a blank piece of paper, your pet can become an artist. Place the paper on a tarp in a protected area. Daub nontoxic paint onto your pet's feet and have it walk across the paper, leaving paw prints in various colors. Keep replacing the paper until you get some you like. Rinse your pet well before allowing it to leave the area of the tarp. Let the artwork dry, and then frame it for your wall.