How to Decorate a Birthday Party Hall Without Taping

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Things You'll Need

  • Birthday banner

  • Adhesive putty

  • Birthday hats

  • Noise makers

  • Birthday plates

  • Birthday-themed tablecloth

  • Confetti

  • Balloons

  • Helium tank

Tie up helium balloons around the hall.

Decorations for a birthday party are important in making a festive and memorable event for all, especially the birthday boy or girl. If you are having a party in a hall or private reception area, you may be faced with the challenge of not being able to use tape to hang up decorations as some places have strict rules against it. Luckily decorating a birthday party sans tape is easy to do and can still make for festively decorated event.


Step 1

Hang a birthday banner in an area it will get noticed such as above the entryway or on the wall behind the food table. Instead of using tape, use adhesive putty, which will hold the banner up against the wall but isn't as strong an adhesive and won't pull off paint. Birthday banners can be found at most party stores.

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Step 2

Purchase birthday-themed hats, noise makers and birthday dinnerware at your local party supply store. Purchase enough for guests in attendance and extra ones to use as birthday décor. Extra hats and noise makers can be placed in the center of tables with confetti or atop bunched up birthday streamers to serve as centerpieces.


Step 3

Purchase a birthday-themed tablecloth or a tablecloth that fits a color scheme the birthday person likes. To use birthday streamers you can't tape up, simply run the streamers down the length of the each table in the center.

Step 4

Purchase pre-blown up helium balloons from your party store or rent a helium tank to blow up balloons at the hall. Tie balloons in bunches and weigh down bundles of four or five balloons with a rock or other heavy object. Place the bundles at the ends of long tables or in the center next to centerpieces. Blow up more balloons and tie to chairs, wall fixtures or have them free floating.


If you can’t use sticky tack either, make your own birthday banner that can be displayed without a wall. Blow up 13 balloons with helium and attach each to a string eight feet in length. Weigh each balloon down with a small rock or other object so that they are standing in a line. Spell out “Happy Birthday” writing one letter on each balloon with permanent marker for a free-standing birthday banner.


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