How Do I Weave a Grass Hat?

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Things You'll Need

  • Straw

  • Large tub

  • Water

  • Tape

  • Curved upholstery needle

  • Heavy string

  • Ribbon or decorations

Make your own straw hat.

Making straw hats is a great way to celebrate summer. If you've been wondering, "How do I weave a straw hat?" you're not alone. Just think of the fun to come when you sit with friends on a picnic or at the beach with a true keepsake to show for your efforts. Making straw hats is a great way to entertain children on a trip, and the hats make great gifts as well.


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Step 1

Gather an armful of dried straw and soak the strands overnight in a large tub of water until the straw becomes soft and pliable.

Step 2

Lay nine pieces of straw flat on your work surface in an inverted V pattern with four strands on the right side and five on the left. Be sure to tape the top of the straw or tie it together so it doesn't get separated.

Step 3

Pick up the far left straw and put it over the middle two left straws and under the remaining left straws until it lies in the middle of the pile. Repeat this pattern from the right side and then again from the left until you have a strand over 3 feet long. When you run out of one straw, simply add another into the weaving pattern by placing it in below the shortened straw to continue the same nine strands throughout. The tight weaving will hold all of the new strands in place.


Step 4

Coil the woven strands of straw together to shape the hat, starting in the middle and circling the strands around to make the crown and brim. Use the upholstery needle and string to hold the circular strands in place.

Step 5

Finish your hat by sewing on a ribbon or other decorations.


Once you've mastered the basics of weaving a straw hat, try using different types of straw and decorations to make hats of every color and design.