How to Use SFTP in Putty

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Check your filename carefully before transmitting.

Putty is an open source program that is freely available for downloading by anyone who needs it. Computer professionals and network administrators often use Putty to connect to mainframe computers, web clients and other devices. Putty can also be used as an FTP program to securely transfer files from one computer to another, over the Internet or through a company network.


Step 1

Open a command prompt window by clicking the "Start" button on your computer and typing "Run." Type "cmd" in the box and click "OK" to open the command prompt window.

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Step 2

Enter "PSFTP" at the command prompt. This invokes the FTP client within Putty.


Step 3

Type your user name for the company network. Contact your network administrator if you do not have a user name or if you have forgotten what it is. Type your password when prompted.

Step 4

Use the "Get" command to retrieve a file from the remote system and save it to your computer's hard drive. For instance, to retrieve a file called "MyFile.txt" you would type "Get MyFile.txt." Press enter to start the file transfer.


Step 5

Type "Put" to send a file from your hard drive to the remote system. To send a file called "MySettings.doc" you would type "Put MySettings.doc."


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