How to Braid a Cross

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Things You'll Need

  • Palm Sunday palm frond

  • Scissors

Braid a cross from a Palm Sunday palm frond.

The Sunday before Easter is celebrated as Palm Sunday by Christians around the world. According to the New Advent, Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week and palm fronds are traditionally given out at mass to represent Jesus's entry into Jerusalem. Many Christian crafts are created from the palm fronds, including braiding a cross.


Step 1

Hold your palm frond horizontally. You will be braiding a cross. At the halfway point on the frond, fold it upwards at a 90-degree angle, forming a backwards "L" shape.

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Step 2

Fold the top piece back towards the ground so you create a mirror image of the "L." This will help create the square in the middle of the braided cross.


Step 3

Fold the same piece back up towards the ceiling. You should fold up towards you and then up into the backwards "L" again.

Step 4

Turn the entire palm frond 90 degrees towards the right or clockwise, so the part that you fold is to the right. The other piece should be facing upwards so you have a "L" shape.


Step 5

Fold the top piece down so it crosses over the other piece. Turn the entire palm frond 90 degrees clockwise; you have one section straight down and the other part to the left.

Step 6

Thread the left piece through the square you have formed in the center. Pull it all the way through to create a knot. Fold this piece through the square again to form the top of the cross, by leaving a 2-inch section of frond above the square. Thread it back through the square to for the bottom of the cross, by leaving a 3-inch section of frond below the square.


Step 7

Turn the cross around. Weave the other palm frond strand through the central square to form the right side of the cross by leaving a 2-inch section of frond to the right of the square. Thread the same palm strand back through the central square knot to form the left side of the cross. Leave a 2-inch section of the frond to form the left side of the cross.

Step 8

Cut off any remaining palm frond that is not part of your cross with scissors.


Use a palm frond that is straight and without any brown or broken areas. You can save your braided palm cross by keeping it in a book or laminating it.


Young children may need help with this project.


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